The Medical Chemistry Laboratory

The Medicinal Chemistry Core Laboratory provides small molecule synthesis, purification, and design support for academic and industrial clients and is funded by the Center for Cancer Experimental Therapeutics.

Located in 1546 square feet of well-equipped space in the Structural Biology Center building on the West Campus of the University of Kansas in Lawrence, the laboratory is staffed by medicinal chemists experienced in organic synthesis, hit prioritization and analysis, analog design, structure–activity relationship studies, and probe molecule construction. The laboratory engages in contractual services and collaborative research, including numerous projects carried out in conjunction with the High Throughput Screening Laboratory (HTS) to optimize hit molecules obtained through screening.

Besides providing support for the COBRE program and numerous KU investigators, the Medicinal Chemistry Core Laboratory welcomes inquiries for potential projects. Interested parties are invited to contact Steven Rogers, the associate director of the laboratory, for further information.

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