About the Laboratory

What we do

The Medicinal Chemistry Laboratory is a university-based drug discovery facility with a state-of-the-art infrastructure for pharmaceutical research. The Core provides medicinal and combinatorial chemistry support for the HTS Lab and COBRE investigators. The support involves the optimization of compounds, found by high throughput screening, for potency, and selectivity by the following:

  • Preparing targeted libraries for screening and lead optimization
  • Synthesizing organic compounds on various scales (from mg to multi-gram)
  • Providing extracts from natural products
  • Assisting COBRE investigators and other university investigators, if requested, in the design of novel ligands and in the development of practical routes.

The Medicinal Chemistry Laboratory continues to lead the evaluation and acquisition and synthesis of compounds for screening in the HTS laboratory from commercial sources to assist investigators who are interested in having their screens evaluated or compound tested in a variety of novel assays. This effort involves compounds and extracts from natural products as well as compounds from the NCI repository of and natural products.

The Medicinal Chemistry Laboratory works closely with COBRE's Administrative core on planning and conducting short courses, workshops, and seminars to support the research effort through training of faculty, students, postdocs and research personnel. Such short courses include combinatorial chemistry techniques, theory and practice and the principles of drug design.

How we can help you

  • The laboratory has successfully operated for 10 years and is experienced in a wide variety of multi-step reaction sequences.
  • Novel compounds and reference standards can be synthesized to order in milligram to multi-gram quantities and high chemical purity.
  • Verification of the identity and sample purity of known compounds, especially reference standards, can be provided.
  • You may provide us with an established procedure or let us design one for you. Established routes are followed or modified or novel routes are designed and pursued as needed.
  • If you provide chemistry that is established and detailed, costs will be lower and a shorter turn-around time will result.
  • When the project originator orders the necessary chemicals and has them delivered to the laboratory, costs are limited to personnel time and necessary fees according to the appended cost structure scheme.
  • Privacy agreements can be negotiated and honored.
  • Regular progress reports are provided. Projects may be ended at any time.
  • Assistance with grant applications, patent applications and/or journal articles is available.
  • Examples of successful recent projects may be examined on a confidential basis.